How to Change Alarm Volume on iPhone

Process of  alarm on iphone
Alarm on iPhone

With the help of the alarm clock app, you can easily know How to Change the Alarm Volume on your iPhone. You can turn your iPhone into an Alarm Clock. Just open the clock app from the homepage of the screen or control center of your iPhone. You can also ask Siri to set the Alarm for you.

This blog will discuss the multiple shortcuts tricks to change the alarm volume on your iPhone.

How to Change Alarm Volume on iPhone

Is your iPhone alarm being too quiet or too loud for you? Whether you’re Getting up at Sunrise or just need an alarm for a reminder, you can set the Alarm with finetuning so you’ll never miss an alarm and won’t feel it hectic.

On your phone, firstly tap the setting option. Scroll your screen down and tap the “Sound” icon in the setting. If you can’t see Sound Option, find “Sound & Haptics” instead and click on this icon.

Process of change the alarm volume on iphone

On the “Sounds” page, find the Ringer and Alert Slider.

To decrease your Alarm’s Volume, please drag the slider toward the left. And if you want to increase the Alarm’s Volume, you must drag the slider towards the right.

Change the alarm ringer volume in iphone

As an alternative method, you can use your iPhone physical keys to control the volume of your iPhone. On the “Sound” screen, click on the “Change with Button” toggle, and now you can set your required Alarm.

Change alarm volume with buttons in iphone

And now, you can press your iPhone volume keys to adjust the alarm volume.

If you want to play with your iPhone alarm settings? You may change the tone that plays as your alarm sound.

To set the alarm sound or ring in iphone

How to Change Alarm Sounds on iOS?

To change alarm volume on iOS is dead simple. We are going to describe it in 4 simple steps.

1. Launch the Clock App on your iPhone and hit the Alarm Tab at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. After that, select the Alarm you want to edit.

to set the alarm sound in ios

2. On the Edit Alarm screen, tap the Sound option. On the next page, you may see a list of the alarm sound. You can scroll the page and find various alarm sounds collections and tap a specific sound to play it. If you found vintage alarm sounds, you may go for Classic and find the preferred option of sounds.

to edit the alarm sound in iphone

3. Once you’ve selected your desired sounds, hit the back option in the top corner of the left side and hit Save to confirm the changes. In this way, you may know How to Change the Alarm Sound on the iPhone.

save the alarm sound

How to Edit Alarm on iPhone?

1. Open the Clock app if you’ve already launched it on your iPhone and tap the Alarm Icon.

2. Tap the button “Edit” at the top of the left corner side.

3. Tap the Alarm, make your changes, then tap Save.

4. Please click on the save icon to confirm the changes.

to edit alarm in iphone

How to Delete an Alarm on iPhone

• Swipe left over the Alarm and tap Delete.

• Tap Edit, and tap the Delete button.

• Tap Edit, tap the Alarm, then tap the Delete Alarm.

Manage Alarm sound issues on iPhone

Do Not Disturb, and the Ring/Silent modes do not disturb the alarm sound or volume. If you have set your iPhone in Do Not Disturb or Silent mode, it will never affect your alarm volume. So, if you have set Do Not Disturb mode, your Alarm will still sound. If you have an alarm that doesn’t sound, its volume is too low, or if your iPhone only vibrates, then there can be the following reasons:

 Set the volume on your iPhone. If the volume of your alarm is too low or loud, press the volume button key up and down to fix the volume of the alarm. You can do this by going to the setting option, clicking Sounds & Haptics, and dragging the slider under silent or ringer.

• If your alarm only vibrates, ensure that you have not selected the “None” option for alarm sounds. Open the clock app, tap the alarm tab, and edit the toggle. Tap the alarm, then tap Sounds and choose the best sound for your alarm on your iPhone.

• If you connect headphones with your iPhone, the alarm will ring through the iPhone’s built-in speakers and wireless or wired headphones at a defined volume.

How to change Alarm Volume on iPhone X

1. Go to the setting > Sounds & Haptics.

2. Under the Ringer and Alerts, Drag the slider left to right & right to left to experience the varying sound pitch of the alarm. Set the slider at a point where the sound rise feels normal to you.

3. If you want to decrease the alarm’s volume, drag it toward the left. And drag the slider in the right direction to increase the alarm volume. In this way, you can fix the alarm pitch according to your wish.

To change alarm volume in iphone

4. Turn on the change with the Button to use the volume button for changing the alarm volume.

To change alarm volume with buttons

Does iPhone have a Separate Alarm Volume?

iPhone has only two distinct Ringers & Alerts (Ringtone, Alarm, Notification Sounds) and Media (music, games, in-apps sounds) volumes. It does not have individualized sounds of Alerts and Ringers.

Whether you need the volume of your iPhone Alarm Clock to be super louder to help you get up in the early morning or want a lower-pitched volume so you won’t disturb someone in your room or in the house, too, you can easily adjust your alarm volume.

Final Words | How to Change the Alarm Volume on Your iPhone

We have discussed all the possible methods to adjust the iPhone alarm volume. You may look at the above-discussed scenarios to know how to change the alarm on your iPhone.

Go through the above-discussed scenarios to know the issues behind your iPhone alarm volume before looking for the solution. The problem identification will speed up the process of alarm volume optimization on your iPhone.